The season of Lent occurs during the forty days prior to Easter, not including Sundays.  Sunday is when many observe Sabbath, a day set aside for respite.  So during Lent, we ‘feast’ instead of fast on Sundays.

My observations from this day of respite:

Waking in the pre-dawn hours, I snuggled up next to my man into his warm embrace.  He has been away for a few days and beginning my day with him makes my world feel ‘right’ again.

In the quiet calm of preparing my morning coffee, I noticed the sound of birdsong.  Instead of appreciating only the musical calls, I stepped barefoot out on the patio to seek the source of the notes.  At the top of the red maple, just beginning to show signs of spring buds, the serenade was offered up from the top perch of the tree….a bluebird, bringing happiness to my eyes and my ears.

spring song 009

Children were gathered on the steps at the front of the sanctuary, participating in the ‘children’s moment’ in our worship service.  One bright, confident, and cheerful 4 year old brought smiles to us all as she eagerly interacted with the minister.  As part of the lesson, the minister pointed to the colorful stoles worn by leaders in the service; that is the instant the girl spied her grandmother sitting at the front next to the pulpit, waiting to offer prayer.  The child immediately bounced up, ran to where her grandmother sat and was enfolded within circling arms to the abandoned delight of them both.  The love in that hug was felt all the way back to my pew.

I have received the great gift of knowing a kind and enlightened woman named Dorothy.  She has often provided words and example that opened my own perception and guided my spiritual development.  Dorothy celebrated her birthday this week, blowng out ninety-nine candles.  I celebrate the woman she is, her loving spirit, the wisdom she has shared.  I anticipate a big party this time next year!

My cup overflows with a feast of joys today!