Kerry Horst

Bio: I am a woman of contrasts. An introvert, my day job requires hospitality with strangers and frequent public speaking (I know, crazy!). With perfectionist tendencies, organization comes naturally for me but spontaneity and courage do not. I am wired-to-please but opinionated, modest but loud, sentimental yet practical. I value kindness, loyalty, intelligence, justice, and gratitude. Underdogs are to be championed and cruelty not to be tolerated. Safety seems my constant vigil, yet I am thrilled when riding our Harley with my husband. Cooking is one avenue for creative expression, while I practice ‘gentle eating’ principles, with compassion to animals as my intention. I want bright sunshine and a cozy fireplace. I need warm, familiar companionship and quiet solitude. My spirit finds comfort in sanctuary of mortar and in creation’s outdoor cathedrals open to the sky. I enjoy crisp autumn days, the color orange, soft denim jeans, high desert mountains, sunshine on my shoulders, the scent of citrus, and a glass of sweet Reisling. Writing is my personal antidote for life’s contrasts. When something does not make sense to me, I am provoked to pondering until it does. Nature often serves as my best muse, sharing story through word and image is my mode, and stirring thoughts and hearts is my motivation. ‘Noticing the meaningful’ will be my prompt. The best moments of my days are spent with my husband Steve, who also happens to be my favorite man. I cherish time with our two grown daughters, Kirstyn and Kalyn, who live too far from our home. Our nest feels not quite so empty because we share it with our sweet old doggie, Maeve and include many treasured friends who are embraced like family. One of my prized possessions is a pair of fabulous cowgirl boots, which are essential to remind this practical woman to kick up my heels sometimes! I welcome you to the my NinetyEightCentsWorth.

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