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Say Yes

-Kerry Horst-


If granted the mercy

of a miracle,

I would return for five minutes

to that young mother,

relaxed at last

yet wearing the day’s weariness like a heavy blanket,

resting in the glow of evening lamplight,

comforted in the soft, blue rocking chair,

holding the full measure

of her life’s treasure

within the circle of her arms.

One, a blue-eyed pixie,

golden ringlets still damp at her nape.

Another, with fringe of dark silk tresses

framing eyes of brown.

The crisp scent of pink bubbles lingering

on small hands and feet

fresh from the bath,

calm and waiting in hopeful anticipation,

a question hovering in the air.

Love warms the three,

rocking there

in that cozy chair.

I would grasp that mother by her heart,

a wise witness from her future,

and offer warning with fierce and desperate command,

Nothing will ever matter more than this.

Say yes!

Say yes, then read it again.

Again, Mommy, read the story again.