Before the first rays of sunlight kissed the sand beneath their feet, women walked to the tomb wearing melancholy like heavy veils; dazed from the anesthesia of grief, they placed one foot in front of the other, keeping on keeping on as women do at such times.

Their mission comes to an abrupt halt; confusion, distress, and then news from a man in the garden that is too incredulous for belief, followed by a command to remain silent about it.

Yes, Jesus died.  He also LIVED.

STOP!  EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!  How to continue as if all is the same?

Run, Mary, Run!  LAUGH.  LOVE.  LIVE.

Holy One,  Our gratitude overflows that your presence walked this earth in the human form of Jesus of Nazareth.   His example for us, teaching us and showing us how to love, how to LIVE, is the God-inspiration good news that sustains us. 

Amen and So be it.