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My words reveal genuine intentions, but intentions don’t always materialize into action no matter how much I intend them.  So, I confess that I am still perplexed over this year’s Lenten observance…in spite of my aim to stand with open hands (and with patience for goodness sake!) to welcome that which comes my way to teach me.

My spiritual director listened as I expressed thoughts about this struggle to her and she pointed out that I am indeed in my own kind of Lenten wilderness.  We laughed and light-heartedly declared that I will ‘wallow in ordinary’ during this puzzling time.

That night, sleet came in icy streaks from the sky then snow fell on top of it.   In an abundance of caution, area schools and businesses closed so I found myself waking up to a ‘snow day’!

And that is where God found me, wallowing in ordinary, of course.

A poem resulted, describing my morning experience, and I am sharing it here.

May we all be blessed with this kind of ordinary.  Amen

Snow Day Miracle

It could only happen

when mandate of marketplace

and clamor of commerce quieted,

when schedules were scratched

and the barren busyness

froze as still

as the white

shroud of snowfall at night:

heaven’s halt for the hectic

to pause enough for breath,

as if life depends upon breathing.

It was then

the Flicker, who was dressed

in red scarf and spotted plume vest,

balanced on the blackjack branch

and the sparrow beside the finch

danced in diamond dazzled drifts,

sharing seeds with the squirrels.

Blue embers blazed in the hearth

while blanket embraced,

both warming the morning.

Only then,

a glance down toward teacup

to marvel the miracle

of steam rising.

-Kerry Horst –

a photo of the Northern Flicker in the blackjack tree

a photo of the Northern Flicker in the blackjack tree, March 4, 2015