These days of winter hold the monotonous routine of work and sleep, then more work and sleep.  I leave my house in the predawn dimness each weekday and as I return home, everything is cloaked in dusk gray with streetlights already glowing.

So soon after the optimism that arrives with a new year, I chastise myself for allowing the darkness to slowly, day by day, seep into my mindset.

Occasionally, if timing and luck are on my side, the commute includes a sunrise or sunset treat for my eyes… the horizon is splashed with lavender and indigo, burnt sienna, and blushing apricot.

That kind of brilliance happens only when the perfect, clear, sky is disrupted with clouds.

I find that in those brief instances, I am drawn fully into the present;  I breathe in the awe-provoking recognition that it is the one time in all of time when the sky will light up with that unique masterpiece.  I exhale with a soul-filled sigh of gratitude for the gift from the heavens proving that there is beauty in imperfection.

You are God’s work of art.  Ephesians 2:10

messes and all.