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Gentle Readers,  My husband and I have purchased a house across town and are anticipating moving there in the next few days. Sorting and purging and packing a household of belongings can be exhausting, but it can also be a welcome distraction from the bittersweet overtones of leaving a place called ‘home’ for almost ten years.  Somehow, handing over the keys feels a little less difficult if I imagine it to be somewhat like passing a torch…nodding to the life that will continue there.  So, today, I wrote a letter of ‘blessing’ to the family who purchased our house.  Here are the words they will read, as they sip the local bottle of wine left behind in the fridge to welcome them:

Hello, and welcome to your new residence.

If these walls could talk, they would tell such stories! Here, there have been family gatherings, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.   Delicious meals were prepared in this beautiful and functional kitchen, solemn conversations warmed by this fireplace, wishes and dreams shared while pacing these floors, traditions old and new celebrated and embraced here.

These walls would describe how children were launched to college and into their own lives; the glass in the front door providing view out from this empty nest for anticipating those children back on return visits seeking familiar hugs and encouragement.

Trees were planted, and bulbs and shrubs… we put down roots and patiently (sometimes impatiently) waited to grow. We tended the grass and swept the patio for wiggle space for wagging doggies and later sat near the sunny windows in peaceful moments of final goodbyes with those aged, furry friends.

The brick and mortar held steadfast through all that occurred here….and still, they echo with the music and laughter, vibrate with the excited energy, pulse with the courage and strength, and confirm the times of worries that dropped us to our knees. This house provided refuge during storms, endured with us in sadness, and enveloped us with goodness through it all. Here, there has been joy and grief, neighbors and friends, and always, always, hearts full of love.

For a decade, our days and nights were lived in this place and it was a haven of sheltered comfort. May this house be more than your address….may it be a place for you to live fully, where blessings abound…may it become for you, what it has been for us….a home.

Sincerely, The family with warm memories of this place