One who made the universe and all within it….hear my prayer today.

In a world where an airplane can fall from the sky leaving no trace for those grieving souls left behind,

Let our eyes see the brilliance of your rainbow promise in that same sky.

When the side of a mountain slides down in tangled trees and rock and mud,

Let our feet stand on solid land, grateful for the earth beneath that sustains all living things.

When families huddle together in hollows below the ground, sheltering from lethal winds,

Share with us your calming voice that whispers llike the gentle breeze upon pine needles.

When wildfires rage across the thirsty prairie, the blaze reducing all to ash,

Ignite in us keen awareness of new life that follows a flame and flourishes with renewal.

When friend turns against friend, brother against brother, words and hurts hurled like stones,

Open hearts to know restoration in forgiveness and reconciliation in an offered embrace amidst the differences.

When bodies fail and betray us and minds dim and falter,

Shore us with resilience and healing, spark our souls with marrow-deep knowledge of your constant presence.

When we find ourselves in these dark days of Lent,

praying in the garden shadows with fears over tomorrow,

Bring forth in us again the recognition of love on a cross,

and the hope for miracle found at the entrance of an empty tomb.

May it be so,

May it be.