Today’s gifts:

Rain fell last night and continued early this morning.  Although the weather brought wind and colder temperatures, this red land is parched with drought, so the showers are life-giving, and I am grateful.

My spirit was ignited by my faith community in three extraordinary ways today:

First: Attending worship on Sundays, I have sorely missed our minister Gary, whose sermons and service was so instructive and inspiring to me.  Sitting in that quiet sanctuary this morning, I realized that the sermon was teaching me to understand a familiar scripture in a new way.  Stretching my mind around the spoken words, I had fresh awareness that our community of faith will move forward with our interim leadership and be whole again, Gary will never be replaced but healing has begun, and I was enveloped with peace.

Second: Our class is beginning a new book for study which will create lots of questions, much discussion and will provoke me to reconsider old assumptions in new ways, in a safe environment with others who seek truth in the example we have of the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

Third: As we were leaving our evening study at the church, Steve decided we should stop in to visit an elderly church member, Marie, who is currently homebound after a fall and injury.   Steve drives the wizened ones from the assisted living community to the church for activities, and he and Marie have grown a fond friendship.  We walked in with the intention to cheer her, chat for a few minutes and let her know she has been missed at the church.  Thirty minutes later, we walked out of Marie’s room, having received her cheerful company, hugs for each of us, and hearts filled with her kind blessing for us in her prayer.

The Spirit moves in mysterious ways.  Showing up and noticing is the first step.